Teaching women to fight today could stop rapes tomorrow

Excellent article supporting Empowerment Self Defense. Thank you for writing and sharing with us @TamaraStraus. #IAmXena #ViolenceStopsHere #NoMore

WIN! Real Life Skills for Kids

What an awe inspiring experience WIN! Real Life SKills for Kids has been. I always consider it a privilege to learn from Moni Aizik and his Elite Instructors. As Andrew was covering the instructional material I couldn’t help but think, WOW! Moni did it again.

When a child is dealing with a bully it is important for the child to stop the torment withOUT leaving any physical evidence. When there is an unsupervised incident, the child with physical evidence is the one who gets the sympathy. I found this so simple but completely true! With WIN! children learn how to handle a bully and predators, effectively! WIN! is far more than just an after school program though. It is a complete and comprehensive “Life Skills Training” program. Children gain real world value in reality based self defense, physical and mental development, self discipline and very valuable leadership skills. They will use these skills throughout life.

During a WIN! class the children have special missions, champion chats, and games along with their safety training. My favorite game was “Bottom Soccer”. What a blast! My most AHA! technique moments were regarding car abductions. Very empowering and life saving, even for my KUTA Empowered Women. In fact a number of the WIN! techniques are just as feasible for women.


I’m in Charge of my Emotions

We waste valuable time if we allow our emotions to be in control during an attack. By putting our emotions on “hold” and dealing with the attack at hand in a factual manner, we will turn the element of surprise against the attacker and be the survivor. Emotions can be experienced “post-trauma” when we have the time and support to do so.

Women, in general, are emotional beings. Therefore, training is critical to overcoming your emotions and to a factual response. Without training women tend to allow their emotions to cripple them, loosing precious, life saving time and a quick response.

Smartsafe training with regular practice prepares you for the unexpected.

Nutritional Breakdown of GF Flours & a few goals for a healthier New Year

Nutritional Breakdown of GF Flours & a few goals for a healthier New Year.

Grabbed from Behind

Following is a woman’s statement after being grabbed from behind, beaten, sexually assaulted and strangulation attempts.

“My view of the world changed. I felt that I had no control; and at times, it seemed that the only way to regain control over my life was to end it.” Thankfully, this woman found the courage to participate in self-defense classes. After which she stated, “This newfound ability to defend myself enabled me to move among others, free of debilitating fears.”

Make time to grow in situational awareness. Utilize your peripheral vision. Attend self-defense classes. Learn how to prevent being attacked. Mentally rehearse how YOU will be the survivor. Plan now, to be the survivor.

Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

February 28, 2012 from 5:30pm to 7pm

Glastonbury Health Center
Street: 1175 Hebron Avenue
City/Town: Glastonbury CT

Bearingstar Insurance Presents Women’s Personal Safety Defense Workshops

This program is specifically designed for women ages 13 and up.

In 90 minutes you’ll learn some of the most effective techniques women can use to defend against a realistic assault. This is not the old worn-out advice you already know like “kick him in the groin” or “carry your keys and walk aggressively.” Rather, women learn how to use their most powerful weapons against a male attacker.

If you are in this area, you may want to attend!

Visualize Success!

A disadvantage for some women is their doubt about being able to successfully defend themselves. It is imperative that we visualize success in dangerous situations. When you are in a safe environment, take some time to create a realistic situation in your mind in which you need to escape. Make sure you visualize yourself strong and successful. You must resist as if your life depends on it, it very well might. The more we practice with our minds and bodies doing what we need to do, the better our chances in a real situation. And remember, your daily, verbal homework… I am Beautiful! I am Confident and Strong! I am Worth Protecting!

What Do I Have?

If ever in a threatening situation always ask yourself, “What Do I Have?”

This leads to: What do I have on my own body: hands, teeth, legs, head, etc.
What do I have access to in terms of targets on his body: weak spots: his eyes, throat, groin, etc.
What do I have as a weapon: a chair, a pen, a cell phone, pepper spray or any kind of spray, keys, gun, etc.
What do I have in terms of attitude: Survivor, personal responsibility.
What do I have as escape routes: doors, windows, hallways, etc.

So remember: you have a whole aresnal at your disposal. The most important being your mind set.

Mind Over Muscle

I love this quote by Susan B Anthony, “I declare to you that a woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.”.
In women’s self defense, we use knowledge to our advantage and capitalize on his weaknesses. His size or muscle strength do not guarantee a successful attack. We are not fighting or sparring. We are surviving! This is our mind over his muscle. Out smart him and strike defensively where he is most vulnerable.